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A Leadership Role

When Andrew Lund graduated from Wheatland-Chili, his leadership abilities carried over to Nazareth College.

As an RA, math tutor, treasurer of the Math Club and captain of the men’s golf team, Lund, majoring in math and economics, found his niche.

“The tight knit school community at Wheatland-Chili helped me build lasting relationships and enabled me to take on leadership roles.”

He believes that AP Calculus in high school is a great way to give those pursuing STEM majors a strong foundation.

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    Wheatland-Chili Central School District - T.J. Connor Elementary Students Continue to “Lead the Way”

    On Tuesday, February 23, 2016, T. J. Connor Elementary School hosted a Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Launch Showcase. Teachers and administrators from local school districts were in attendance for this session. Executive Director of Curriculum, Jennifer Sinsebox, Project Lead the Way Launch Lead Teacher, Pauline Emelson, and Elementary Curriculum Leader, Amy Richmond, facilitated an overview session of the Launch program and District’s implementation of the pre-engineering units of study into the elementary science curriculum. The highlight of the morning was the showcase presented by the twenty-two K-5 students and grade-level teacher representatives, Pam Merritt, Kindergarten; Amy Richmond, first grade; Kristen Hotaling, second grade; Maggie Spuhler, third grade; and Pauline Emelson, supporting fourth- and fifth-grade students. The visitors had the opportunity to see PLTW Launch in action as the students demonstrated the pre-engineering activities. The participants were impressed as the students were able to describe the engineering principles involved in their grade-level-specific, project-based learning experiences. 

    This is the second year that T.J. Connor students have been engaging in pre-engineering curriculum. The program enhances elementary students’ ability to collaborate, think critically, and problem solve while engaging in hands-on learning. Congratulations to all the student and teacher participants that showcased how T. J. Connor continues to Lead the Way. 

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