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Celebrating a Close-Knit Student Body

East Rochester's "tight and supportive, but still very competitive environment" definitely helped prepare Casey Filiaci, ERHS '74, for his career in the music industry.  "My job is extremely competitive, and full of rejection.  But I learned from my ER teachers and coaches that one needs to never quit, and always excel no matter what."  Mr. Filiaci, who began playing piano at age 3 and had his first professional gig at 12, earned a degree from Berklee College of Music in '78 and embarked on a career that's brought him countless songwriting and performing credits, honors, and awards for TV, radio, and the stage -- including two Emmy nominations for his work with HBO.  "In ER we had excellent teachers, and that made all the difference in the world," Mr. Filiaci recalls.  "I was a good, but difficult, student.  My teachers and coaches were very receptive to our questions, and disagreements, but also made sure we had facts to back up what we believed."  He adds, "When you come from a nurturing and caring, but tough and competitive place, you find you're a bit more ready for the challenges you'll face all through life."  Mr. Filiaci, who's also well-known as co-producer of the annual 'Sing-Out' benefit concert, which features a cast of teens from throughout the area, also notes, "We're now planning our 40th reunion, and I'm constantly reminded of how close knit the student body was -- and is."

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