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Council Rock donates to Brighton Food Cupboard

Over 20 years ago, a student in Judy Wegman’s class at Council Rock Primary School wrote a letter to the principal asking if students could collect box tops from General Mills and give the proceeds to a place in need. That principal said yes and the program is still in place today.

“I’ve just kept it going ever since,” said Wegman, an extended studies teacher at Council Rock.

In February, Council Rock students presented a $600 check to the Brighton Food Cupboard.

The beneficiary of the money raised through Box Tops for Education has changed over the years. The students have chosen to give money for books, math games and playground equipment to Rochester city schools and also helped the Mary Cariola Children’s Center and a school devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

“I think it’s pretty cool they are giving the money away,” Wegman said. “They could easily buy stuff for around here. It’s a natural link to their curriculum and our citizenship at Council Rock. It speaks to education being more than learning to read. It’s learning how to be a citizen in our own community and the kind of people we want these kids to be when they graduate.”

It’s a school-wide initiative at Council Rock with kindergartners, first graders and second graders all getting involved. One or two second grade classrooms are in charge of cutting the box tops and separating them in groups of 50 to go to General Mills. Each group of 50 box tops is worth $5. The envelopes are sent to General Mills in June and the check comes a couple months later.

The check to the Brighton Food Cupboard was from the 2013-14 school year’s box tops. Second grade teacher Robyn Cranston’s students are cutting the box tops this school year. They will help determine next year’s beneficiary.

The Brighton Food Cupboard is a program of Jewish Family Service of Rochester in partnership with the Brighton Central School District, Foodlink, community volunteers and area organizations. The Brighton Food Cupboard addresses hunger and food insecurity for individuals and families in Brighton and surrounding communities.

“I’m so proud of the work that they’ve done,” Council Rock principal Matt Tappon said. “They’ve worked really hard all year to collect all these box tops. It’s just another example of the awesome things we do here at Council Rock and all across Brighton to benefit our community.”

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