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Creating With Her Hands

“I am a hands-on learner and being able to get in the kitchen and learn was a huge help to me succeeding beyond high school,” said Jessica Callahan, BOCES 2 WEMOCO 2009 Culinary Arts Program graduate. She went on to earn an AOS degree in Baking and Pastry Arts at The Culinary Institute of America.

Callahan makes those decadent, delicious, desserts at the Village Bakery & Café in Pittsford and for their local sister restaurants.  

“I felt the teachers at WEMOCO truly cared and were a huge part in helping me reach my goals,” she said.

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  • Taking the Lead, Making a Difference Continue Reading »

    Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES - Taking the Lead, Making a Difference

    Students from BOCES 2 Alternative High School (AHS) joined nearly 300 other youth leaders from more than 35 area high schools for the annual ROC2Change Student Summit on Race. The Summit’s student-driven conference to increase mutual understanding and respect around the subject of race was held in November 2016.

    Participating students included Michael Garcia of Gates Chili, James King of Greece, Re'Naisha Williams from the Rochester City School District and Elijah Wilson from East Rochester. Wilson noted that several videos shown at the Summit, including one about “labeling” people, evoked strong reactions from attendees. “We shared how we felt about the issues, and we didn’t all agree. We had to try to understand different viewpoints.”

     “Our kids took the opportunity to step way out of their comfort zones in order to make a positive change to their community,” said AHS Student Behavioral Assistant Michael Nabors, who mentored the group. 

  • Applying Science Concepts in CTE Classrooms Continue Reading »

    Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES - Applying Science Concepts in CTE Classrooms

    Science, math, English and core academics that students learn at their home districts are important pieces of career and technical education curriculum. A recent lesson in auto body and collision repair technology is a great example of that.

    WEMOCO Teacher Dan Boyler worked with Science Instructional Specialist Stephen Thorndike to create a science lesson that integrated chemistry and English, along with problem-solving and critical thinking.

    Students were presented with beakers of multiple solvents and were instructed to test the pH of each of them. After doing so, the students used those solvents to try and remove salt, coffee, pen and grease from various materials found in a car – carpet, floor mat, upholstery and vinyl.

    Additionally, students tested different surfactants and emulsifiers to determine how well they chemically combine different chemicals with water.

    To conclude the lesson on day two, students used English skills to make a claim regarding a solvent and defend that claim with the information they gathered from the experiment. 

  • Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Builds Confidence Continue Reading »

    Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES - Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Builds Confidence

    A school field trip gets students out of the classroom to learn. But an outing by the Department for Exceptional Children’s Communications and Social Skills (CaSS) program got students out of their classroom - and their comfort zones – in a good way.

    Students traveled to the Camp Arrowhead ropes course in Pittsford to experience and overcome physical obstacles and participate in problem-solving and team-building activities as a group.

    Students responded with enthusiasm. Many who are very shy came out of their shells to pull their weight in all group activities.

    Those who have difficulty dealing with close physical proximity overcame that discomfort, even touching one another at times to accomplish group tasks.

    This first-of-its-kind trip was coordinated by the CaSS teachers, supervisors and administrators as a way to challenge and engage students in a new way to help them overcome cognitive and behavioral limitations they may face.

    The CaSS program focuses on developing communication and social skills while maintaining academic strengths through standards-based curriculum for junior high students and Regents-based curriculum for high school students.

  • Westside Academy Spanish class raises funds while expanding their vocabularies Continue Reading »

    Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES - Westside Academy Spanish class raises funds while expanding their vocabularies

    Comprar, cerrar, construir, aprender, preguntar. These are just a few of the previously-unknown Spanish verbs Westside Academy students were challenged to learn in just four days. It was part of teacher Mark Donnelly’s annual fundraising effort for class-sponsored children Cesia and Dani from Nicaragua, and Noé from Guatemala. The “Action Words” initiative is designed to give students the opportunity to put vocabulary words into real-life action that helps others.

    Westside scholars worked hard and surpassed expectations on their vocabulary tests—proving they had learned over 72 percent of the up-to-100 new action words, and raising $144.80 for the Children International organization.

    The fundraiser depended not only on the focus and concentration of these dedicated students, but also on the generosity of Westside staff and teachers. They supported the effort with pledges totaling 18 cents per word learned. Donnelly says, “This is a wonderful group of human beings, making a real difference in the lives of our students and of three children we'll never even meet. They are my holiday spirit.” 

  • Student-crafted railings unveiled at WEMOCO Continue Reading »

    Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES - Student-crafted railings unveiled at WEMOCO

    Students from Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES have unveiled two custom-made, handcrafted steel railings at the entrance to the WEMOCO Career and Technical Education building. The railings were created and installed by welding students in BOCES 2’s Engineering and Metal Fabrication program.

    The steel railings feature large, round, precision-cut medallions representing logos from each of the 12 high schools within BOCES 2. The students spent an entire school year working on the project from initial concept design through plasma cutting to making the final welds to installation and unveiling.

    In addition to the permanent railings installed, each district’s high school was presented with a framed replica medallion that matches the ones in the railings. 

  • CTE-built house sold and transported Continue Reading »

    Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES - CTE-built house sold and transported

    BOCES 2 Career and Technical Education students built the walls, ran the plumbing and checked the electrical on a 1,100 sq. ft. ranch that is now settled in its new home in the Town of Cazenovia in Madison County.

    "The students have a real sense of a pride after completing a project like this," said Peter Sharpe, CTE carpentry teacher.
    The student-constructed three-bedroom, one-bath home was worked on by first- and second-year carpentry, plumbing, HVAC and electrical students. It was completed in the fall of 2014, and had to be moved in two pieces. It will be used by the town’s police department. 

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