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Creekside Lego Club Builds Social Skills

The Creekside School Lego Club was launched recently, bringing students together to experience fun building with Legos, as well building social skills. The club began in Assistant Principal Gina Ditullio’s office one day when she was coaching students Dominic and Justin about ways to improve their interactions in the classroom. During the conversation, the students realized they had a common bond—playing with Legos—and the Lego Club, Wednesdays  in the Creekside Library from 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm, was launched.

Students enjoy the quiet, free play time with Legos, and this fun activity also helps build social skills and fine motor skills. The Legos were provided by donations from BOCES staff, as well as funds from BOCES United Professionals. “Playing with Legos engages students in a typical experience you might find in a high school; it’s a normalizing activity. It creates teamwork and can have a calming effect on students,” stated Creekside Teacher, Aaron Datro. Dominic and Justin have become better friends and classmates—they even designed and built the Lego Club sign that’s posted during the weekly meetings. 

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