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Fairport families ‘CARE’

Nineteen years ago, Fairport High School felt large and impersonal.

To make the school feel smaller, teachers and students spent a week addressing differences such as race, religion, sexual orientation, academic and athletic ability.

“If we focus on human similarities, we will be more accepting of human differences and treat each other more kindly,” said Richard Ognibene, science teacher and one of the founders of the week.

Now, an entire week each March is dedicated to Brotherhood-Sisterhood Week, a district-wide celebration that focuses on the values of Civility, Awareness of others, Respect, and Embracing differences (CARE).

The annual event illustrates Fairport’s commitment to provide all students a safe and supportive environment, which is now legally required by DASA.

“This has influenced student learning because students who feel welcome at school learn more,” Ognibene said. 

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