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Making T.I.E.S. Among Students

Friendship is about making T.I.E.S. Having students feel a part of their school environment is about making T.I.E.S. Student growth is about making T.I.E.S.

T.I.E.S. – Together Including Every Student.

T.I.E.S. is a program in the Webster Central School District that promotes the participation of children ages 8 through young adult with developmental disabilities in extracurricular and community activities by providing them with effective support through trained student volunteers, grades 8 through 12.

Together T.I.E.S. participants and volunteers enjoy a wide variety of activities, such as Webster Parks and Recreation programs, arts and crafts classes, sports programs, swimming, after-school activities, intramurals, school of religion, and more. The youth focus on their common interests, seeing the person first, then the disability.

“T.I.E.S. allows friendships to develop and helps persons with disabilities to feel they fit in,” T.I.E.S. Coordinator Jennifer Russo recently explained to a group of eighth graders.

Russo has teamed with the district’s middle school Family And Consumer Science (FACS) teachers to enhance one another’s programs. Russo visited each 8th grade FACS class in both Spry and Willink middle schools to provide a Disabilities Awareness and Sensitivity workshop. The FACS teachers were excited to embed this instruction into their curriculum as it supports their focus on the importance of volunteering, resume development and employment skills.

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