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PHS Students Bring Science Olympiad Team Back to Life

Just a few short years ago, the Penfield High School Science Olympiad Team didn’t exist. There had been a few attempts to form a team, but it never seemed to take hold. That is, until three determined students set out on a mission three years ago to create a team. All three had competed on the middle school science Olympiad team through 9th grade, the last year they were allowed.

As sophomores, Jonathan Aranov, Tesia Zhou and Patti Carpenter decided they didn’t want the experience to end. So they sought out an advisor, teacher Jim Hahn, and formed a new team. It was rough going at first, and they ended up finishing in 20th place. At that point, they almost disbanded the team, but decided to press on.

Junior year came along and the students were better prepared for what they were up against. Their hard work paid off, as they finished 11th overall, and took home several first and second place individual medals.

This year, as seniors, co-presidents Aranov and Zhou, knew what they had to do.  They developed a schedule and worked to prepare the team to compete in all 25 events at the competition. It was a difficult competition, but the team fared extremely well, taking home more than 30 individual medals and finishing in 3rd place overall, which qualified them for the state competition.

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