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Schools Take on Speed Cup Stacking Record

On Thursday, November 12, thousands of people took part in what Guinness World Records terms the “World’s Largest Sport Stacking Event”, and among those participants were students at State Road and Klem Road North elementary schools.

During the course of Guinness World Records Day, sport stackers from all reaches of the world up stacked and down stacked cups in various pyramids in prescribed patterns at lightning speed for at least 30 minutes, all combined with a variety of fitness activities. Sights were set on 610,000 stackers participating as sport stacking continues to gain popularity around the world.

Last year, 592,292 stackers participated to break the previous year’s Stack Up! record of 555,932. Once again, tens of thousands of stackers contributed their sport stacking skills from across the United States and around the world in countries such as Hungary, Germany, Israel, South Korea, New Zealand, Colombia, and Taiwan.

At State Road and Klem North, students took on various cup stacking challenges during their physical education classes. They stacked tiny cups and giant cups. They worked in relays and with partners. They raced against a challenger and against the clock for personal best times.

According to Bob Fox, World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) founder, the Guinness event is a wonderful way to bring together sport stackers across the globe. “ Sport stacking is an activity enjoyed by all ages and cultures. It promotes hand-eye coordination, brain activation, fitness, teamwork, speed, and lots of fun. This is the 10th year we’ve teamed up with Guinness World Records, and we’re excited to have another shot at breaking a world record.”

To take part in the record-setting Stack Up!, schools and organizations around the world had to register with the WSSA. Once a group completed the 30 minutes of stacking for each participate (anytime during November 12) the organizer and a witness were required to send in an online verification of numbers to the WSSA, who then passed on a total count to Guinness for official recognition. It will be a few weeks before the groups learn if they broke the world record or not. Regardless, students at State and Klem North had tons of fun with a new sport they have fallen in love with!

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    Webster Central School District - SparX Cited for Volunteerism

    Everyone has that one individual in his or her life that seems to have a boundless energy for something. For the SparX robotics team, that person was Leon Cormier. 

    SparX is a team of students from Webster Schroeder and Webster Thomas high schools that has competed in the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) program since 2003.  Leon was a team mentor with a passion for helping others. Every SparX member eventually hears the story of how he rode his bike several miles in order to help a friend with yardwork.

    Unfortunately, Leon passed away seven years ago, but his impact was not lost on the team. Every year, in his honor, the team of 40 teenagers gathers for a day to rake leaves for people in Webster who are unable to do so themselves. This year, SparX chose a neighborhood in West Webster, making an effort to pass on the enthusiasm that Leon had for helping others.

    Their actions sparked a neighbor to write to WCSD Superintendent Carmen Gumina: "These young kids of the Webster Robotics Club came down our street today and cleaned up the leaves in the front and back yards of the people who really needed it.  The help is appreciated beyond words and I thought you should know about the good things they do in the community and give up their free time."

    The team was ecstatic when they heard this and plan to do just as well, if not better, next year.

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