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Spanish Class Enjoys Taste of College and Culture

On Nov. 7, juniors and seniors from both Holley MS/HS and Byron-Bergen Jr./Sr. High School traveled to Genesee Community College (GCC). While on campus, students received an orientation to the library, discussed courses and degree transfer, toured the campus and the College Village (housing), and asked a lot of questions. Following the campus visit, students went to Rancho Viejo Mexican Restaurant in Batavia for lunch and enjoyed a variety of dishes, drank jarritos (a traditional Mexican fruit-flavored drink) and devoured desserts. The fried cheesecake, fried ice cream and flan were enjoyed by many.

We would like to thank the staff at GCC for making this trip possible and for the money they donated towards our lunch. It was also great to share this experience with students from another high school. Thank you Byron-Bergen; we enjoyed our time with you

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  • Photography Students Sold Work for Fundraiser Continue Reading »

    Holley Central School District - Photography Students Sold Work for Fundraiser

    The Arts Department hosted a fundraiser of Holley Postcards. Eleven different designs were featured, with each postcard selling for $1, or a full set of all 11 selling for $10. Customers could select their own set of 11 postcards (by choosing all the same design or mixing and matching designs) for $10. The postcards were for sale at music concerts in March and in Evinn Neadows’ art classroom.

    The MS/HS Photography students designed the postcards using their own photos from a walk through Holley in the fall. Thanks to the Holley PTSA and Board of Education Member Melissa Ierlan for helping the students print the postcards professionally. All proceeds from the fundraiser went towards the cost of field trips for art and music students.

  • Career Explorations Day for Eighth Graders Continue Reading »

    Holley Central School District - Career Explorations Day for Eighth Graders

    In the past, Holley's Eighth Grade Team has participated in a career day, but this year, they added to the experience by taking a fieldtrip to the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center in Spencerport. Before visiting the site, students selected trade and professional programs that interested them. On March 31, they visited two different classrooms at CTE to learn about the curriculum, experiences and opportunities offered by those programs. 

    After returning to school for the afternoon, students rotated through six presentations including Health Care, Information Technologies, Skilled Trades, Culinary, Advanced Manufacturing, and Public Service. Each presentation was led by a professional in that industry. The professionals shared the experiences that lead them to their career paths and explained the daily responsibilities and routines associated with their positions. ​

  • DrumFIT Program has Students Marching to the Beat of Their Own Drums Continue Reading »

    Holley Central School District - DrumFIT Program has Students Marching to the Beat of Their Own Drums

    Holley Elementary students recently participated in DrumFIT sessions during physical education classes. The sessions were led by Alanna Schieck, who combined physical fitness, upbeat music, exercise balls and drumsticks to guide students through a new experience of combining exercise with music skills. Students were taught to use the drumsticks to hit the exercise balls in time to the music. Once they learned different drumming methods, they added cardio exercise moves into their music routines. For instance, they drummed on the ball as they moved in circles around it, paused and performed a few jumping jacks, or sat on the ball to maintain their balance while they lifted their arms and legs in the air.

    Schieck also led free DrumFIT classes during the evening of March 31, where students came back to school with their families and participated in the fun fitness routines together. The DrumFIT sessions were made possible by the Carol M. White Physical Education Program grant that Holley received in 2014.

  • Geometry in Construction Class Makes Progress Continue Reading »

    Holley Central School District - Geometry in Construction Class Makes Progress

    Students in Russ Albright’s and Tim Rogers’ Geometry in Construction class are busy honing their math and construction skills this winter. They recently used the concept of slope and different formulas to determine how to design sets of stairs to meet overall height requirements. Then, they used their construction skills to build the stairs.

    The Geometry in Construction class helps students learn how math concepts can be applied to real-world problems to create solutions. The skills they learn in this class, whether they be used in future jobs or to make home repairs, will be carried with them beyond high school. The 13 sophomores and juniors enrolled in this class are also working towards completing a service project this spring. They are creating a small house for Second Wind Cottages in Newfield, NY, a rescue mission that provides one-man shelters to homeless men.

    After Mid-Winter Recess in February, students will begin building walls and trusses to form the framework of the house. They’ve already built a wooden base to mount the structure on and they will learn to panel the interior walls. Ultimately, the house will be transported in pieces and assembled on the grounds of Second Wind Cottages, where it will be anchored to a concrete pad. Students will then be able to install windows. They will not be shingling the shelter or adding a roof, but they will complete the rest of the structure on site.

    “Students like this class because they can see the real-world application of math,” said Rogers. “Many students who don’t traditionally perform well in math class are performing much better in this class.” “I’m good at math anyway, so this class is fun,” said student Zach Vanameron. Students in this class will take the Geometry Regents exam in June.

  • Twelfth Annual Senior Citizen Breakfast a Success in Holley Continue Reading »

    Holley Central School District - Twelfth Annual Senior Citizen Breakfast a Success in Holley

    One hundred twelve people attended the 12th Annual Senior Citizen Appreciation Breakfast on May 4 in the Holley Elementary Café. The buffet breakfast was provided by Personal Touch, food supplier for both the Elementary and Middle School/High School cafeterias. Elementary Character Club students created placemats for each table setting. The senior citizens were served by the High School Student Council members. Kindergarten and high school singers provided the entertainment during the breakfast. They sang everything from the Beatles “Love Me Do” to Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” After the breakfast, senior citizens were invited to have their blood pressure checked by a school nurse, visit a booth sponsored by the Orleans County Office of the Aging and tour the Family Fitness Center. They also had a chance to sign up for a Gold Card membership, which offers any senior citizen age 60 or older free attendance at any District sponsored event. Next year’s Senior Citizen Appreciation Breakfast will be held on May 3, 2018.

  • Fifth Grade Art Classes Make Bookends for Library Continue Reading »

    Holley Central School District - Fifth Grade Art Classes Make Bookends for Library

    Fifth graders in Mimi Reyngoudt’s art class began creating designs for the Elementary School Library bookends this spring. They chose a favorite book (fiction or non-fiction), then created a design based on that book. They traced the shape of a bookend on a piece of white paper, then used the lightboard to trace a cover design and specified what colors should be used in each part of the design. They used carbon paper to transfer the design onto the metal bookend, then began painting the bookend in the specified colors. The bookends will resemble book covers, with the title of the book and author listed, and characters or scenes from the book painted on them.

    School Library Media Specialist Julie Bader is excited to have the new bookends added to the library. While they will serve the practical purpose of keeping the books upright, they will also help refer readers to some new books that they may not have read yet. Well done, young Hawks!

  • Crazy 8s Club Continue Reading »

    Holley Central School District - Crazy 8s Club

    First and second grade students had a chance to participate in Crazy 8s Club this spring at Holley Elementary. Held after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays for an hour and a half, students worked with teacher Tara Bannister in small groups to reinforce math concepts in fun ways. Over eight weeks, the groups built glow-in-the-dark structures, cracked secret spy codes and played games like Toilet Paper Olympics.

    On one afternoon, students used measuring tape to cut straws into different lengths and then fastened them together to form a small pipe organ. They experimented with blowing across straws that were dunked in and out of cups of water to determine the changes in sound. Students learned that the straw made a higher-pitched sound the more it was raised out of water. Who knew math could be so much fun?

  • Interact Club Does “Clean Sweep” of Local Park Continue Reading »

    Holley Central School District - Interact Club Does “Clean Sweep” of Local Park

    The MS/HS Interact Club decided to thank the community for their assistance with helping the club get their start this year by staging a “Clean Sweep” of a park in Holley on May 24. In partnership with the Department of Public Works (DPW), students in this club cleaned out the park near the canal. They invited other clubs and sports to help with the park cleanup and received an overwhelming response from baseball, cheerleading, softball, Unified Basketball and football teams; Spanish Club; National Honor Society; National Junior Honor Society; and Middle School and High School Student Councils. “There was some concern that the kids would get bored as the park is always kept so nice and clean,” said Interact Club Advisor Samantha Zelent. “Today, I learned that when you release 70 young and enthusiastic students, they will literally explore every inch of the area until they find a piece of trash. They were very interested in helping the community, who has given so much to them.”

  • Humanities Class Journeys to Albany Continue Reading »

    Holley Central School District - Humanities Class Journeys to Albany

    The Humanities class from Holley Middle School/High School visited the state capitol on March 26-27 at the invitation of Eileen Banker, Chief of Staff for Assemblyman Stephen Hawley. Banker told students that a visit to Albany would help them advocate and talk to legislators about the ideas and concerns they shared with her during a recent visit to their class. This trip was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it became an eye-opener for many students.

    They began their trip by visiting the New York State Museum, where they were astonished by many exhibits there. The 9/11 Memorial exhibit included a video from a firefighter that survived that day. There was even a fire truck on display that made everyone emotional. Another impressive exhibit was the skull reconstructions. Students were in awe of the fact that scientists could figure out what someone’s face looked like hundreds of years ago, using archeologists and computer technology.

    The next day, students toured the Capitol Building. They watched how the state government worked by attending Senate and Assembly sessions. Students learned the similarities and difference between the two groups, such as how they vote and pass bills. Students also met with Assemblyman Hawley. One interesting fact about the Senate chamber is that one wall is made of 23 karat gold. The Senators also use two old fireplaces in the back of the room to have private conversations while the Senate is in session. Students found the legend of the Capitol Building “demon,” allegedly created by an architect who was fired and came back to “curse” the building, both interesting and humorous. Students viewed the Million Dollar Staircase and the 77 famous faces that were put on it, such as Washington, Lincoln, Grant and Susan B. Anthony. The staircase also contains smaller faces of the carvers’ families and friends.

    Holley Humanities students were thankful to experience Albany. By attending the trip, seniors gained credits for their Participation in Government class, which helped them meet graduation requirements. Students will present everything they learned to the rest of the Participation in Government classes and the Holley Board of Education. This trip was one they’ll never forget. 

  • Pre-K Celebrates 100 Continue Reading »

    Holley Central School District - Pre-K Celebrates 100

    Pre-schoolers always have their own ideas, so when asked to demonstrate what they would look like at age 100, they showed up in all manner of dress. The Pre-K students in Amie Callen and Lori Passarell’s classes had walkers, canes, suspenders, eyeglasses, grey hair and hats to demonstrate what they might look like in their advanced years. These students were celebrating the 100th day of school on Feb. 13. They also participated in many 100 day activities such as using cereal rings to count to 100 to make necklaces.

  • Annual Dessert Concert is a Sweet Success Continue Reading »

    Holley Central School District - Annual Dessert Concert is a Sweet Success

    Holley High School students hosted a Dessert Concert on Nov. 2 as a fundraiser for their music department. Twenty-eight songs were performed as solos, duets or trios and many were accompanied by Music Teacher Kelly Marzano on piano or by students Isaiah Flow and Alexis Penna on guitar. All students selected their own pieces to perform, with songs ranging from a Frank Sinatra classic to four tunes from Adele. Senior Makenzie Ferranti sang an aria in Italian, which earned her a 99 percent at Solo Fest this past spring and a spot performing in Zone 2’s Area All-State Festival this fall. The Concert Choir ended the concert with an a capella song by Pentatonix. Desserts were served in the MS/HS Foyer while the concert was performed in the gym. Donations received at the event help support the high school’s bi-annual competition trip.

  • Girls on the Run Team Completes 5k Continue Reading »

    Holley Central School District - Girls on the Run Team Completes 5k

    Eleven students participated in the fall session of Girls on the Run (GOTR) at Holley Elementary. GOTR is a national organization that is curriculum-based to build self-esteem and confidence in girls while encouraging physical activity. Leigha W, Layne W, Sara K, Emma D, Katie D, Jailyn B, Lena H, Madi B, Jasmine A, Alexis S and Julia R formed the Holley GOTR team. This is the sixth season the district has hosted the 10-week program, which began Sept. 12 and ended with a 5k race on Nov. 6 in Delaware Park in Buffalo. The program was implemented by Lynn Vendetti and Paula Sanford, with this year’s team coached by Vendetti, Sanford and Hannah Bock.

    Up to 15 female students in grades 3-6 were eligible to join the program. The team practiced twice each week after school to prepare to run a 5k race at the end of the season. They received a healthy snack and an official GOTR of Buffalo T-shirt. Each student had a running buddy to motivate and support her throughout the race. Visit the GOTR official site for more information on this program (http://www.gotrbuffalo.org/who-we-are).

    As a community outreach project, the team is running a book donation drive this year. For more information, contact Hannah Bock at hbock@holleycsd.org or Lynn Vendetti at lvendetti@holleycsd.org. 

  • Pre-K Hosts Grandparents Day Continue Reading »

    Holley Central School District - Pre-K Hosts Grandparents Day

    Amie Callen’s Pre-K class celebrated Grandparents’ Day on Sept. 30 by inviting the students’ grandparents to a tea of juice and cookies in the Elementary School Café. Callen and teaching assistant Lori Passarell taught the children songs and dances that they performed for the grandparents. The grandparents sang and danced to one of the songs their grandchildren taught them. The children presented keepsakes to their grandparents, which included a photo, a bookmark with their footprint on it, and a card with their handprint on it. The celebration helped the children complete their classroom unit on families. 

  • Vendetti Receives Golden Apple Award Continue Reading »

    Holley Central School District - Vendetti Receives Golden Apple Award

    It’s not every day that a local TV news anchor stops by your classroom to give you an award, but that’s exactly what happened to Holley Fourth Grade Teacher Lynn Vendetti on March 7. She was in the process of giving her students a test, but the test was put on hold while WROC-TV (Channel 8) News Anchor Adam Chodak presented her with the Golden Apple Award. The Golden Apple Award recognizes teachers making a difference in their communities. The segment airs weekly on WROC-TV and Vendetti’s episode will air in about a month. 

    Vendetti was nominated by student Alexis Kowalski. Alexis nominated Vendetti for being kind, caring and understanding. Alexis suffers from anxiety, which, in the past, caused her to miss a lot of school. Vendetti has helped Alexis take steps to become more comfortable in school, and her attendance has improved. Thanks to Vendetti’s encouragement, Alexis began participating in after school activities for the first time this year, joining Vendetti’s Girls on the Run team. The program trains girls in grades 3-6 to run a 5k and promotes self-confidence, healthy eating habits and teamwork. “Alexis has had great growth this year,” said Vendetti. Alexis’ mother, Erica Kowalski, agrees. “I have seen a big difference in Alexis; she now likes and enjoys school,” said Kowalski. “Mrs. Vendetti has helped my daughter come out of her shell. I feel one teacher can change the future for any child, and Mrs. Vendetti has changed my daughter’s life for the better.”

    Vendetti was surprised to receive the award, but took it in stride, leading students through a science lesson while on camera. She talked to Chodak about her passion for teaching and how pleased she was to be making a difference in a young person’s life. “I have great students,” said Vendetti. “It’s exciting to watch them learn and master new skills.”

    The recognition comes as no surprise to her colleagues. “It was well-deserved and quite a fun surprise,” said Karri Schiavone, elementary school principal. “Alexis nominated Lynn for changing her world. What a wonderful way for a student to honor a teacher.” Kindergarten teacher Leigh Weaver echoed Schiavone’s comments. “Having Lynn as my daughter’s fourth grade teacher really turned around my child’s attitude about school,” said Weaver. “She deserves this honor.”

    The News 8 Golden Apple Award winners are selected based on information received through a nomination form. Any professional working for or with any school district within the Rochester designated market area is eligible for this award. The nominator must submit an essay of 250 words or less describing the character of the nominee.

  • Holley Free Summer Meal Program a Hit with District Families Continue Reading »

    Holley Central School District - Holley Free Summer Meal Program a Hit with District Families

    Holley children received free breakfast and lunch at the Holley MS/HS Dining Hall once again this past summer due to a partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The District provided meals Monday through Friday to children under the age of 18 living within the Holley Central School District, regardless of income level. “We are proud and pleased to offer this program in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture,” said Holley Superintendent Robert D’Angelo. “We urge everyone in the district to participate.” Pre-registration is not required. 

    While district children enjoyed these meals for free, adults, including Holley staff members, purchased breakfast and lunch from the District during this program. Breakfast was $2.25 and lunch was $4.

    Students who participated in morning and/or afternoon exercise classes such as the FIT4U! fitness and nutrition program, and the BLAST summer conditioning sessions were able to grab meals before and/or after their classes.  Students who participated in the summer recreation program were also welcome to stop in to grab something to eat. 

    An addition to the meal program this year was the creation of a Literacy Center in a corner of the Dining Hall. Books, puzzles and math worksheets were laid out for the students to browse through and take home with them. Faculty and staff from the Elementary and MS/HS contributed these items to help students keep up their reading and math skills during the summer. There was also a listing of clubs and activities that the district offers to students that parents are invited to take home. “I think this is a great program for families to take advantage of,” said Jean Smith, teacher’s aide for the District, who is helping maintain the center. “I wish there had been programs like this when my kids were little.”

    Students cited Frudels, cereal and bagels as their top choices for breakfast. Pizza, wraps, subs, fruit and vegetables were their favorites for lunch. “This is a great program,” said Kim O’Brien, who brought her daughter and husband to the Dining Hall for lunch. “You can’t get a well-rounded meal like this for $4 anywhere else, and I don’t feel like I’m clogging my arteries.”  Mary Jo Smith watches her grandchildren during the summer and brought them in for lunch. “This is a convenient program and works well,” she said. “It’s great. The summer programming that the district provides helps support the meal program, whether a student is attending a fitness program or summer school. More schools should be doing this.”

    Food Service Director Vickie Scroger said she has noticed an increase in attendance this year, with more families coming in to eat together. Scroger said the busiest days were Tuesdays through Thursdays when the fitness classes are offered. During the first week of the program, students consumed 119 breakfasts and 256 lunches, while the adults ate 14 breakfasts and 21 lunches.

  • Holley Team Takes Top Honors at Tech Wars Continue Reading »

    Holley Central School District - Holley Team Takes Top Honors at Tech Wars

    Holley’s Tech Club, under the direction of Technology Teacher Tim Rogers, attended Tech Wars on March 17 at Genesee Community College (GCC) and came away with top honors in the bridge building competition. Seniors Brady Smith, Ricci Shenck and Cameron Bennage won first and third place in the bridge building competition by building a bridge to hold 400 pounds of weight. According to the judge of the event, they now hold the record for building the lightest bridge (1.6 pounds) to hold that much weight in the nine-year history of the competition. The bridge, along with the winning plaques, is displayed in the large display case outside the MS/HS Library.

    Eighth grader Brad Kingdollar won first place in the middle school CO2 car race. He had the fastest time of the day for both high school and middle school divisions. 

    Thirty-two students from Holley participated in the competition, up from six students who attended last year. They were among 730 students from the GLOW counties to compete in 27 events. Congratulations to all on a job well done!

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