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Spencerport: Embracing Differences

Cosgrove Middle School eighth grader Jack Zyra lives life to the fullest, and his wheelchair serves as no obstacle. He inspires his classmates by participating in mainstream activities and partnering with students and staff to build respect and understanding of our diversities.

Highlights of his contributions to Spencerport include: advocating for an elementary adaptive playground; ensuring handicap accessibility; and sharing his perspective through a mainstream PE wheelchair unit.

“I was so happy that everyone had fun, but also that they knew what it was like,” Jack said. He then shared, “When I had surgery in December, I was given a Rangers t-shirt with students and faculty signatures on it. That was a really big deal. It felt great that so many people took the time to care about me.”

Spencerport is committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment through the NYS Dignity Act, positive behavior initiatives, health curriculum, code of conduct, and special education services.

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