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Students Dine with Officers

On Sept. 19, Kendall students in grades K-12 had a chance to eat lunch with a law enforcement officer. The Kendall Central School District invited members of the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department to dine with students and visit the schools to help enforce the positive relationship between both organizations. Students also wore blue in the officers’ honor and signed a thank you banner at the JSHS. The chance to interact with the officers gave students an opportunity to say “thank you” face-to-face.

“I felt that Sheriff’s Week was the perfect time to have our deputies interact with students in all our schools during lunch,” said Orleans County Sheriff Randy Bower. “This helps build that bond between students and law enforcement officers, so if needed, they feel comfortable reaching out to us.”

“We are appreciative of the support we receive from the Orleans County Sheriff’s department and NYS Troopers,” said Principal Carol D’Agostino. “September 19 provided us an opportunity to recognize these organizations. Deputy Jeff Cole and Trooper Brian Belson visited with our students during our lunch periods. This event provided our students and staff with an opportunity to say thank you for their service to Kendall.” 

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  • Grandparents Breakfasts Get Everyone Off to a Good Start Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - Grandparents Breakfasts Get Everyone Off to a Good Start

    On Oct. 25, Kendall Elementary hosted its first Grandparents Breakfast with sixth graders and their grandparents. Fruit parfaits were featured that day, with grandparents going through the cafeteria line with their grandchildren and sitting together to enjoy breakfast. Students then escorted their grandparents around the school on a brief tour, taking them upstairs to view their lockers and classrooms. They watched the morning announcements displayed on the Smartboards in the classrooms.

    Each grade level will have a specified day to enjoy breakfast in the Elementary Cafeteria with their grandparents. Upcoming dates are:

    Fourth grade: Dec. 6
    Third grade: Dec. 13
    Second grade: Jan. 10
    First grade: Jan. 24
    Kindergarten: Feb. 14

    More information will be sent out in the Tuesday Communication envelopes as each date approaches.

  • Elementary Media Club Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - Elementary Media Club

    The Media Club at Kendall Elementary airs the announcements live every morning at 8:50 a.m. This is an enrichment club comprised of select sixth graders, who have designated responsibilities and duties. These 20 sixth graders perform jobs as news anchors, meteorologist, sports anchor, camera technician, news writer, sound and computer technician, set designer, health and fitness reporter, book and entertainment reporter, and field reporters. Students independently research, write, read, speak, create and use technology to make the news happen. At the end of the year, the Media Club will visit a news station to learn about possible career choices. This year’s members are: Morgan B, Zach B, Hanna B, Tyana B, Ehlaw C, Tori C, Jena C, Devin E, Taigan G, Mary J, Lily L, Tobias P, Lauren P, Aidan P, Gabe P, Emma Q, Bruce R, Riley R, Lily T and Leigha Z.

  • Morning Announcements at JSHS Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - Morning Announcements at JSHS

    Communication Systems is a course offered by the Kendall Technology Department and is open to any student in grades 9-12. The high school Communication Systems class is responsible for live broadcasting the morning announcements every Friday morning. The morning show is directed and run by students with support and guidance from Technology Teacher Jack Keenan. Students are required to participate in the morning show and each of them selects their role/job. Roles and jobs include: audio mixer, video mixer, computer control, teleprompter control, anchor(s), weather reporter, lunch reporter and a student director. There are two main portions to the morning announcements: pre-recorder and live. Throughout the week leading up to Friday’s show, students film, edit and pre-record different segments, such as lunch, weather, sports and the joke of the day. All of the editing is done on Mac desktop computers using iPhoto and iMovie software. The two anchors, Lizzie Rath and Autumn Steffen, read any building-wide announcements live. Students use a variety of technical equipment, such as HD video recorders, wireless microphones, GoPro HERO4 cameras, tripods, Mac computers, a green screen and a Smart TV throughout the course. This year’s class is comprised of all seniors: Ben F, Collin L, Brandon M, Jon M, Zach P, Lizzie R, Cooper R, Jason R and Autumn S. 

  • RAC Visit Helps Juniors and Seniors Explore College Options Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - RAC Visit Helps Juniors and Seniors Explore College Options

    On Oct. 3, thirteen area colleges hosted information booths in the Commons area at Kendall JSHS. Juniors and seniors were invited to speak with college representatives to learn more about academic programs and the application process, and obtain answers to any questions they may have about the college experience. The Rochester Area Colleges (RAC) sponsored the visit to Kendall. This is the seventh year Kendall has participated in the program. The following schools were represented at the event:

    Alfred State College
    Alfred University
    Finger Lakes Community College
    Genesee Community College
    Houghton College
    Keuka College
    Monroe Community College
    Nazareth College
    Roberts Wesleyan College
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    St. John Fisher College
    The College at Brockport
    University of Rochester

  • Flag Day Celebration Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - Flag Day Celebration

    Kendall elementary students celebrated Flag Day on June 14 with a variety of activities. There was an assembly in the morning and a few students dressed up as Betsy Ross or George Washington. 

    In the afternoon, the students, faculty and staff formed a giant peace sign on the front lawn. They also competed in tug of war contests against each other by grade level in the field near the playground. Some classes even competed against the adults! Everyone was a winner as they cooled off with patriotic popsicles.

  • The Kendets! Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - The Kendets!

    This year, Kendall High School added a varsity sport to the Spring athletic season. Thanks to the endeavors of Special Olympics, the New York State Athletic Association, and Section V, Unified Basketball made its way to Kendall. The concept of unified sports is inclusion. It brings together students with cognitive disabilities and students without, to participate competitively together. This initiative does so much more than just provide an opportunity to play a sport. It promotes understanding of differences and displays how these differences can be overcome with the involvement of all.

    This year, Kendall partnered with Hilton to form our Unified Basketball team, the Kendets. Kendall participants were Jason Miller, Kirk Warren, Jeremy Browe, Angelica Roberti, Clancy Frearson, Abby Jenks, Joe Manno and Megan Cochran. Our season consisted of a round-robin tourney, two scrimmages, six games, and a culminating event. It was a marvelous experience for all involved, whether they were athletes, coaches, families, volunteers or spectators. Every spectator that approached me after a game shared the same sentiment: “This is the most amazing thing I have witnessed in the realm of athletics. I just about cried.”

    Although our record for the season was 2-4, everyone will tell you that that was the least important statistic of the season. The impact of the life lessons learned by all involved was immeasurable. At the Hilton Athletic Recognition night, the Kendets received the Athletic Director’s Award for Sportsmanship. Special thanks go to Athletic Director Kevin Watson, who when asked about starting a team, worked hard and creatively to make this a reality for Kendall. It would not have been possible without his resourcefulness in partnering with another school and completing all the legwork that was involved. Thanks also go out to Julie Christensen and the Board of Education for supporting this proposal as well.

    I feel amazingly lucky to have been involved with this program and to have worked with these amazing young athletes. I sincerely hope everyone will come and witness one of these games next year. It is truly a moving experience that should not be missed.

  • Marlene Morrow Receives Award from Lion’s Club Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - Marlene Morrow Receives Award from Lion’s Club

    On April 9, the Kendall Lion’s Club held a celebration to recognize Kendall High School’s Leo’s Club, which was established 10 years ago. Over 100 students and adults were in attendance, including past and present Leo’s Club members. During the celebration, Kendall English teacher and Leo’s Club advisor Marlene (Magliocco) Morrow was presented with the Uplinger Award. The Robert J. Uplinger Distinguished Service Award, established in 1993, honors outstanding Lions and non-Lions who perform exemplary service to a club, district or community. “Her dedication to the Leo’s Club has touched hundreds of our students and provided them an opportunity to impact the world around them,” said Principal Carol D’Agostino. Congratulations, Marlene! 

  • Mr. Kendall Battle Was Hard Fought Once Again Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - Mr. Kendall Battle Was Hard Fought Once Again

    Creagan Maclaren was able to capture the title of Mr. Kendall at the Third Annual Mr. Kendall Pageant on March 18. He learned from last year’s experience of coming in second dressed as Britney Spears and upped the ante by wearing a lion costume for most of the pageant this year. Creagan, a senior, was one of seven contestants in this year’s pageant, which acts as a fundraiser for the Grace Lang/Amber Liese/Libby Jurs Memorial Walk that occurs in May. 

    Fellow seniors Evan Gaesser, Brandon Lewis and David Maslyn also participated, along with juniors Brandon Miller, Kenny Price and Bobby Wilson. The boys competed in formal wear, teacher impersonations, workout wear, sleepwear, interviews and talent categories. They all participated in a group dance number, strongest/smartest contest and staff room skit. Kenny won the talent category, Bobby won formal wear, David won teacher impersonation, Brandon Lewis won workout wear, Brandon Miller won sleepwear, and freshman Ryan Barrett, the interviewer and not a contestant, won the interview category. Ryan well-deserved an award since he changed his costume for each interview. Evan came in second place overall, with Creagan receiving a $25 certificate to Jimmy Z’s for his pageant win.

    The Student Council sponsored-event was emceed by Megan Cochran and Kenzie Galletta, with Sarah Pieniaszek and Lexi Payton manning the Twitter corner. The pageant was judged by JSHS Principal Carol D’Agostino, former teacher Kris Stumpf, and Kendall alumni and former Student Council members Marisa Hanlon and Matt Schuth. Former contestants appeared on stage to comment on who they thought would win while the judges deliberated. Teachers Tige Noni and Chris Proukou staged a wrestling “smackdown” during intermission, with Proukou finally able to retrieve the belt while Noni remained out for the count on the mat. 

  • If You Give a Child a Book … Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - If You Give a Child a Book …

    Through a generous donation from the Scott Spino Foundation, sixth grade and kindergarten students kicked off their Reading Buddies program on Friday, Feb. 26. Every kindergartener was matched with a sixth grade reading partner. Sixth graders presented their reading buddies with a brand new copy of the book “If You Give a Dog a Donut” by Laura Numeroff. After reading and discussing the book together, students colored a picture that went with the story. Kindergarten students kept the book to add to their at-home libraries.  

    Kindergarteners and sixth graders will continue to read together once a month on Fridays. We are grateful for our partnership with Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES and the support of the Scott Spino Foundation. To read more about teacher Scott Spino and the foundation he inspired, visit the following link:

    The joy of reading was evident from the smiles on all of the faces in the auditorium! The students are looking forward to the next Friday we read together. 

  • Student Art Showcased in Downtown Albion Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - Student Art Showcased in Downtown Albion

    Next time you drive through Albion, look up! The Kendall Art Club and Drawing & Painting class created two murals that are located in the upper story windows of a building on the east side of Main Street.

    The management company for the building contacted Orleans County School art teachers this past fall and asked if they would like to paint the window panels as a program to add art to the downtown area. They delivered the wood panels, and the students primed them. They chose to create scenes of people in the windows, similar to the work of artist Edward Hopper. Hopper was an American Realist who painted canvases of architecture similar to the building where the student work is displayed. 

    The students worked as a team, enlarging their drawing, painting and shading the panels.

  • The Buddy Bench Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - The Buddy Bench

    Kendall Elementary Student Council members will soon be installing a Buddy Bench. The idea of a Buddy Bench first started with Christian Bucks, a second grader in Pennsylvania. The Buddy Bench is for children feeling lonely or sad, or who want to make new friends. The students, along with advisors Amy Leone and Vicki Spurr, worked to put the bench together. The Buddy Bench will be located on the elementary playground.

  • Kendall Varsity Girls’ Soccer Team Helps Kick Breast Cancer Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - Kendall Varsity Girls’ Soccer Team Helps Kick Breast Cancer

    The Kendall Varsity Girls’ Soccer team is not only successful on the field, but they also know how to give back to the community. After a tough Friday night Sectional game on Oct. 23, the Lady Eagles were up bright and early on Saturday morning Oct. 24 to participate in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk at Watt Farms in Albion. The Making Strides Walk has become an annual tradition for the team, as they have participated in the walk for the past five years. This year, the team raised $599 for this worthy cause. The Varsity Girls’ Soccer team walks as part of the Kendall Cares team, which is made up of students and adults from the Kendall community. The Kendall Cares team, including the Varsity Girls’ Soccer team's contribution, donated over $1,000 this year.

  • Sixth Graders Enter Scarecrow Contest Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - Sixth Graders Enter Scarecrow Contest

    Each of the Kendall sixth grade homerooms constructed an “animal” scarecrow to be entered into the Kendall Community Scarecrow Festival on Saturday, Oct. 3. The sixth graders worked on teambuilding skills to enhance their ability to work well with others and to complete a job in a specific amount of time. The students enjoyed creating LeBron James the Kendall Eagle, Cameron the Chameleon, and Skipper the Penguin. The scarecrows made their debut at the Oct. 2 Elementary Student of the Month Assembly, where they were enthusiastically greeted by the students. LeBron took first place honors in the Scarecrow Festival!

  • Fire Prevention at Kendall Elementary Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - Fire Prevention at Kendall Elementary

    On Oct. 6, the Kendall Fire Department educated the Kendall Elementary students about fire prevention. Kindergarten and first grade students had a chance to learn about the equipment on a fire truck and worn by a firefighter, ask questions of the firefighters, and walk through the cab of the truck. Third graders visited the Kendall Fire Hall to listen to a presentation. Fifth graders attended an assembly conducted by the fire department.

    Bill Hardenbrook, a 39 year veteran of the Kendall Fire Department, assisted the students down the steps of the firetruck and explained the numbering system of the trucks. “This truck is number 34,” he said. “The first number identifies the kind of truck. Thirty means it’s a pumper truck and contains 1,000 gallons of water. The second number indicates how many trucks the department has owned of that type since the numbering system was started. So this one is number 34, which means it’s a pumper and it’s the fifth truck the Kendall Fire Department has owned.” He went on to identify 10 as a pumper truck carrying less than 1,000 gallons of water, 20 as a light truck (not too many of that kind are still active), 40 as a ladder truck, 50 as a tanker, 60 as a squad truck or ambulance, and 90 as another type of squad truck.

    Hardenbrook said that students can be involved in the Kendall Fire Department at age 14 and join the junior firefighters. At age 16, they can start responding to calls as a recruit with the adult firefighters. At age 18, they can start training as a full-time firefighter. He said he joined the fire department right after high school when there was a waiting list to get into the department. 

  • 25th Annual Lang/Liese Walk Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - 25th Annual Lang/Liese Walk

    On the afternoon of May 28, students and community members were found walking on the Kendall track as participants in the 25th Annual Lang/Liese Walk. The walk is held each year in honor of Grace Lang, a Kendall school nurse, and Amber Liese, a Kendall graduate who died of cancer in 2010. This year’s walk raised over $1,400. The proceeds were given to Teens Living with Cancer, American Cancer Society, Kendall Ambulance Fund and American Lung Association. The entire Kendall Senior National Honor Society, along with some members of Kendall Leo’s Club and National Junior Honor Society, participated in the walk. Parents, teachers and former students also participated. Everyone enjoyed refreshments after completing 16 laps around the track.

  • Annual Senior Breakfast at the Village Inn Sponsored by the Lions Club Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - Annual Senior Breakfast at the Village Inn Sponsored by the Lions Club

    Lions Club President Dan Peckham was the master of ceremonies and Lion and County Legislator Ken DeRoller delivered the message. This year, the students were involved in giving the opening prayer and benediction. A select group of students sang “America the Beautiful” as part of the program. This class was the first class to receive a special pin created by the club for our graduates. Kendall Central Schools wishes to thank the Kendall Lions Club for their continued sponsorship of the Senior Breakfast.

  • Fruit Parfaits and Smoothies are a Hit with Students Continue Reading »

    Kendall Central School - Fruit Parfaits and Smoothies are a Hit with Students

    Stop in at the Elementary or Junior/Senior High Schools’ cafeterias on Tuesday or Thursday mornings, and you’ll find students enjoying parfaits (Tuesdays) and smoothies (Thursdays) made with fruit and yogurt. The idea to start these special days this year came from Elementary School Principal Sharon Smith, who helped the cafeteria staff obtain grants and equipment. She wanted to encourage her students to start their days with healthy breakfasts.

    Once the cafeteria staff obtained the materials to create these new menu items, they embraced the opportunity to respond to student interest for new choices in menu offerings. They hope to keep expanding the offerings as the cafeteria space expands in the Junior/Senior High School next year. The cafeteria staff has been able to keep the expenses for both breakfasts in the black, due to the high volume of smoothies and parfaits they’ve been delivering to students.

    The new breakfast offerings have been very successful, with the amount of students enjoying breakfast at school almost doubling. The Elementary School cafeteria sells approximately 150 parfaits or smoothies each day, as compared to 80 breakfasts sold each day in the past. The Junior/Senior High School sells over 100 breakfasts on these days, versus the 60 breakfasts they sold in the past. Students who receive free and reduced meals may also participate in Parfait Tuesdays and Smoothie Thursdays. According to Linda Crawford, cook/manager for the Elementary cafeteria, all grade levels participate in both days.

    At the Elementary School, students have a choice of peach, strawberry, orange, or red, white and blue (strawberry and blueberry) parfaits and banana, strawberry or peach smoothies. Both breakfasts are also served with a grain, such as graham or animal crackers. Students are also able to select mix and match cereal or grab’n’go breakfasts that fit into a bag that they can take back to the classroom to eat. Most students meet their fruit allowance by choosing a parfait or smoothie. The students really like having a choice. “I get to pick out what I want,” said first grader Alona Butler. She enjoys the red, white and blue parfaits the most.

    The Elementary School cafeteria will also serve special breakfasts to those who have food allergies or dietary needs. The staff has also seen an increase in those students’ consumption of new, healthy foods. “The kids are so appreciative when we can accommodate them,” said Eileen Young, a member of the cafeteria staff. 

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