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Technology Plan Includes Chromebooks for Seventh Graders

Each seventh grader in the Rush-Henrietta Central School District received a Chromebook assigned especially to them for this school year, and all Rush-Henrietta students will have their own district-issued device by September 2017.

As the new devices were shared with students, they were eager to use them. “This will make me more excited about learning,” says Veronica Szaba, a seventh grader at Roth Middle School. Other students agreed and were enthusiastic about how the new technology will help them learn and collaborate with others.

As part of the district’s five-year technology plan, more than 400 Chromebooks were issued to students this year. The plan involves expanding district infrastructure and acquiring devices that will provide instant access to the Internet and web-based tools for all students. The goal is to make technology a universal tool that is used by everyone in the classroom.

Providing Chromebooks to all seventh graders is one of the first steps in the five-year plan. According to an August 11, 2014, story in The Guardian newspaper, “Chromebooks run a stripped-down form of Linux tuned by Google and hook into Google’s cloud services, with minimal local storage; in effect they offer a browser-based operating system around its Chrome browser. In the U.S. education market, they have begun to rival Apple’s iPad for educational sales,7 because they have comparable prices and come with built-in physical keyboards and have strong remote administration functionality.”

Teachers and students will have access to the tools from anywhere and at any time via cloud computing in a controlled, web-based learning environment. “To reach today’s learners, teachers must move beyond traditional teaching methods to more authentic, real-world experiences,” says Dina Wilson, Rush-Henrietta’s Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. “This includes the use of technology to connect students to the world around them. To be college and career ready, students must be able to interact in this new learning environment. The future of learning and work is digital, and students need access to digital learning to become fluent.”

Thanks to the Rush-Henrietta Board of Education and the community, our students are being prepared for a technology-rich career and life. Our school district remains committed to offering the best possible education to Rush-Henrietta students and we appreciate your continued support.

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